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Pamela R. O'Neill

Speaking UP About a Mental Health Crisis

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In Speaking UP About a Mental Health Crisis, Pamela O'Neill combines her firsthand account of the dangers of working as a frontline worker in mental health - when a former colleague was murdered by a client while on duty - and her honest experience of personally dealing with mental health issues. 


Speaking UP About a Mental Health Crisis

Shocking international statistics and probing questions are presented in a relatable way to inspire readers to speak UP about the worldwide mental health crisis we are currently facing. Pamela encourages everyone to share their voice and be their authentic self. 

It is more of a healing book

"From the title, Speaking UP would seem to be an advocacy book, and while the author is a strong advocate for mental health, it is more of a healing book. 

Pamela O'Neill's conversation style gently entices the reader into thinking about their own experiences with stories, anecdotes, and facts from her own journeys. Each chapter ends with assignment questions like you would in group therapy, making Speaking UP interactive and somewhat self-guiding. 

O'Neill's main attraction is her ability to present her experiences and expertise as a knowledgeable concerned friend, rather than as lecturer. She herself admits she doesn't have all the answers, no one has all the answers, as they are a different for everyone, but she does know the right questions to ask and the correct order to assist in your process of healing. 

Perhaps you're reading to become an advocate or ally for someone. Her open and frank discussions of her story really encourage you to open your heart and mind; there are many moments of new insight, not from a clinical point of view but a personal one.

Topics are well-organized into small chapters and segments, allowing the reader to complete the book at their own pace, digesting and pondering an issue completely in a single session. A strong proponent of music therapy, she lists songs to go with discussions, set a mood, or to inspire. Having a soundtrack for the book makes it that much more relatable.

The reader will come away with a better understanding of mental health, those who are struggling, and more importantly of themselves. Positive views abound, bringing to mind the iconic self-help book, "I'm OK, you're OK." 

In a world struggling more and more each day with mental health and the inundation of information and negativity, Speaking UP is a deep breath of fresh air."

Broose Tulloch Journalist 


More then just a book!

“Speaking UP About a Mental Health Crisis" is more than just a book – it is a guiding light for those ready to break free from societal norms and voice their truth. The author, Pamela, invites you on a deeply personal journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Her sincerity and thoughtfulness shine through every page, making it easy to connect with her powerful message.

Pamela skillfully leads you through the process of shedding the silence that often surrounds mental health issues. She empowers you to be your authentic self confidently. With a unique blend of topics, from emotional intelligence to quantum physics, this book offers a holistic perspective on personal growth.

What sets this book apart is its call to action. Pamela challenges you to use your voice for a greater good and provides practical guidance on doing so effectively. By tackling the stigma surrounding mental health, she encourages you to become a change agent in your life and community.

Throughout the book, Pamela's soulful presence and expertise shine through. Her incorporation of her poems, thoughtful exercises, and even music recommendations add a creative and personal touch to the reading experience. As you journey through the book, you'll find not only inspiration but also the tools you need to make a positive impact on the world and break the silence surrounding mental health.

The book is a must-read for anyone ready to embrace their truth, find their voice and be free to finally Speak UP.

Monica Bodurka Co-Founder of the Leadership Wellness Group, Resilience Coach, Yoga Therapist

@monicabodurka @leadership_wellness Linked In: Monica Bodurka, The Leadership Wellness Group

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