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Pamela's new book Speaking UP About a Mental Health Crisis

Pamela R. O'Neill

Speaking up about mental health challenges is hard, but staying silent is much harder. We need to find ways to help each other become more comfortable with opening up. That's how we change the narrative."



"Growth can be like an elastic band. When you're expanding into a higher version of yourself, be flexible. You'll be torqued back before being slingshot forward."

Personal Growth

When we combined positivity and productivity, we create a powerful combination that fuels personal growth and success. It's like having a superpower that propels us forward and help us over come struggles. 

Positivity & Productivity

Pamela's Journey

Pamela R. O'Neill is a former journalist and social worker who has dealt with mental health issues both personally and professionally. Though her calling as a mental health coach, she facilitates open communication about mental health and is building a community that will work together to the end its stigma. She will guide you in the discovery of your courage to speak up about any issue you feel afraid, anxious, or unclear about addressing.

Pamela believes in each person's ability to regain their confidence, be healthy, and thrive. While at home in Canada, she hopes to reach a global audience with her services.


Pamela is an amazing friend who has been in my life for a long time! Her calm, kind, and professional natures has made her an incredible source of support for me in many stages of my personal life. She's always there to listen and has a knack for helping find solutions since we were young. I treasure my friendship with Pamela, she is a true gem in my life! 


Lisa Benes, Calgary Alberta 

I cannot put this book down! I feel Pamela’s passion and see her knowledge about mental health. Her authenticity shines through as she shares about her journey and personal experiences. I feel so connected and deeply resonate with her stories. It’s so inspirational and uplifting reading each page. I highly recommend this book.

Cassandra Rosa, Intuitive Life and Business Coach @cassandrarosaa

In Speaking UP About a Mental Health Crisis, Pamela takes you on a journey of internal exploration to mine for the moments that you have shied away from being courageous and using your voice. By baring it all, Pamela creates a relatable case for anyone who has ever felt unheard or unseen to find the courage within to break the cycle of silence. 

Filled with reflection points and questions to ponder, Speaking UP is the perfect first step for anyone who is seeking the reminder that their voice and their story matter. Whether you’ve experienced your own mental health journey, or simply have an empathic heart that feels for the unjust in the world, you will feel empowered by this read. 

One of my favourite lines is: “Your voice is your essence”. We have the power to change our reality, and it doesn’t come from being silent. Pamela allows you to find the inner strength required to stand strong in the face of fear and use your voice for the greatest good.



Deanna Deacon Conscious Mama & Empowerment Coach 


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